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How can I upload more photos for my announcement?

How can I upload more photos for my announcement?

If you would like to upload more photos for your announcement, you can, using Cubisima Credits, to buy some space in order to store up to 10 pictures on your gallery.

Go to My Rents, and click on the icon similar to this one that is located on the options toolbar of your rent in order to go to picture management page. Then at the picture management page look for a frame informing you about the purchase at the upper-right corner.(*)

Follow the link buy a photo gallery inside the frame. You must be authenticated as a Cubisima User in order to go to Mis rents page.

Follow the steps to make your payment for the gallery and confirm when you are ready. When you end your purchase you will can upload up to 10 photos to your gallery.


If at picture management page you can not see the frame about purchasing the gallery it is because your announcement has already set the maximum allowed photos. You just need to do this action once per announcement.